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          Common ceiling materials

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           Common ceiling materials are: wooden plywood, gypsum plaster board, decorative gypsum board, plastic gusset plate, drilling gusset plate and plastic organic light plate.
           Its main role:
           Insulation, cooling.
           Cover various shortcomings of the original ceiling.
           In order to achieve the decorative effect and heighten the atmosphere.
           In the bathroom to prevent steam invasion of the ceiling, hidden upper and lower water pipes.
           1, PVC ceiling
           PVC ceiling is PVC as raw material, assembled by extrusion molding into a frame made of glass and made. It has light, wear-resistant, anti-aging, good insulation and sound insulation, moisture insulation, anti-mothproof and fireproof.  Mainly used in kitchen, bathroom.
           When purchasing PVC materials should be made of good equipment, quality assured manufacturers of products.
           2, gypsum board hanging board
           Gypsum ceiling decoration board is currently the most widely used home improvement of a new type of ceiling decoration materials.
           Main features are: moisture-proof plaster decorative plate is particularly suitable for bathroom, kitchen ceiling decoration.
           Acoustic gypsum decorative plate has a strong anti-noise function.
           Composite gypsum decorative panels with thermal insulation, thermal insulation, but also decorative.
           Gypsum board uses a wide range of decorative strong, suitable for living room, living room ceiling.
           3, mineral wool board
           Mineral wool board as a new ceiling decorative materials, has excellent sound absorption properties, can control and adjust the reverberation time, improve indoor sound quality, improve indoor sound quality, reduce noise; also has excellent fire resistance and light, beautiful, thermal insulation, Insulation features.

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