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          Ground material

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           Floor materials are generally: solid wood flooring, wood flooring, natural stone, artificial stone floor tiles, textile products made of the carpet, artificial products floor (plastic).
           1, solid wood flooring
           Solid wood flooring is dried wood, the formation of ground processing of decorative materials. It has a natural pattern, good sense of feet, the construction is simple, safe, decorative effect is good.
           2, laminate flooring
           Composite flooring is based on raw materials for wood, crushed, filled with adhesive and anti-corrosion materials, processed into a surface pavement profiles.
           3, parquet
           Parquet is a new type of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring between the ground, it has the natural wood floor texture, texture and flexibility, but also has the floor to strengthen anti-deformation, easy to clean and so on.
           4, floor tiles
           Floor tiles are one of the main materials paved, a species of whole body tiles, glazed tiles, whole body polished tiles, seepage tiles, seepage polished tiles. It is characterized by: a solid texture, heat, wear-resistant, acid, alkali, water seepage, easy to clean, water absorption, color patterns, decorative effect is good.
           5, stone plate
           Stone plate is a natural rock after blocks mining, sawing, polishing and other processing made of plate decorative surface material. Stone plate with a dense structure, high strength characteristics, with strong resistance to moisture, weathering.
           6, carpet
           Rugs have a soft texture, rich elasticity, and has good sound insulation, thermal insulation effect

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