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          Family decoration wooden floor matters needing attention

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           Floor decoration is also an integral part of the decoration, if you like the more textured floor materials, then none other than the non-wood floor. Wood flooring is not only beautiful, but also has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. So what are the precautions for home decoration wood flooring? What kind of wood flooring are there? Let's find out below.
           Now more and more families choose to decorate the wooden floor, and the market is also very much the type of wooden floor, if you are the first contact with the decoration of the wooden floor, then be sure to know some knowledge about the wooden floor, today Xiao Bian to bring everyone together to understand the home improvement wooden flooring and wooden floor types of what kind of it.
           1, grassroots ground handling
           Decorating wood flooring is divided into two main ways: one is the keel pavement, the other is the floating pavement. Keel paving is usually used for paving solid wood flooring, while the floating pavement on the ground flatness is very demanding, so be sure to make the ground leveling, cement leveling, and allow time for the cement to fully dry.
           2, shop mats keel
           Moisture-proof membrane must be kept intact, if there is damage should be promptly repaired. Moisture isolation of the wooden floor junction must be well protected. The height of the keel should be based on the actual situation on the ground, but the minimum can not be less than 1.5cm, the width can not be less than 3.5cm. After playing the keel, to do a clean and vacuum, and then evenly distributed bamboo charcoal, camphor blocks and other moisture inhibitors, pesticides.
           3, optional floor plank
           Wood keel in contact with the floor, you must have a nail fixed. When fixing the wooden floor, pay attention to whether there is a crack in the end of the wooden floor, the adjacent floor height difference is too large, or the puzzle is too large a gap. At the same time, a gap of 1mm should be left between the bottom of the door cover and the floor surface so as not to hinder the wooden floor from wetting during the rainy season.
           4, baseboard installation
           When laying the wooden floor, be sure to check the back of the baseboard to see if there is a wind tunnel open and well preserved. Ventilation groove depth can not be less than 5mm, the width can not be less than 30mm.
           What kind of family wooden floor?
           1, solid wood flooring
           Solid wood flooring, including mortise and tenon flooring, flat ground floor, inlaid flooring, finger-ground floor, vertical wood floor and laminate flooring and so on. Solid wood flooring is solid wood monolithic material by the surface, side and other processing, for floor materials on the ground, is derived from the natural health and environmental products. Solid wood flooring durability of the original texture of wood, color and woody smell, the characteristics of natural wood so that the solid wood floor with indoor temperature and humidity characteristics. The flexibility of the wood can ease the impact of the foot, make the human foot feel comfortable. And also has a pickup effect, but the disadvantage is resource consumption, high cost.
           2, laminate flooring
           Laminate flooring is generally divided into medium and high-density fiber-based laminate flooring and laminate flooring to create two types of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is the use of small diameter timber, sticks and plastic materials through a certain production process, the floor surface is smooth, neat patterns, abrasion resistance, easy maintenance, but the foot feel harder.
           3, parquet
           Parquet is generally divided into three layers of parquet, multi-layer parquet and carpentry meet the floor three categories. Parquet raw materials are wood, retaining the advantages of natural wood flooring, natural texture, comfortable feet, but the disadvantage is that the surface wear-resistant laminate flooring as well.
           4, bamboo flooring
           Bamboo flooring is generally divided into whole bamboo flooring and bamboo flooring two categories. Bamboo flooring is the natural bamboo cracked into strips, remove the bamboo skin bamboo bamboo parts selected bamboo parts, after cooking, degreasing, dehydration into bamboo, splicing together. Straight shape, compact structure, straight texture, hardness and its refreshing personality, by the vast number of consumers love. The disadvantage is that there is no real wood thermostat, the four seasons are cold.
           5, cork flooring
           China's cork floor due to resource constraints, so a small number of manufacturing enterprises, cork flooring as a precious rare product, the advantages of diversity by more and more environmentally conscious friends of concern.

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