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          Decoration first wallpaper or first floor professional approach is to first floor after the wall wallpaper

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           A lot of decoration rookie there will be some doubts, such as: the new house decoration is the first wallpaper or the first floor of the floor? If the first wallpaper in the shop floor, easy to scratch or dirty wallpaper, because the shop floor more trouble, moving the floor or cutting In the process, the dust is very big, and accidentally scratches the wallpaper. In this case, it is especially troublesome to re-attach the wallpaper. If you first paved the floor in the wallpaper, glue easily fall on the floor, not good care, but also to undermine the floor. Would like to tell you that there is no fixed order of decoration, many steps can be done according to the actual situation has been adjusted. If you are new to the decoration of the wallpaper or the first floor of the floor confused, it may wish to join me to understand it!
           First paste the wallpaper or first floor
           1. First wallpaper, after the shop floor
           Advantages: wallpaper paste in the end, baseboard can suppress wallpaper feet, the wallpaper will not crack the bottom, upturned may.
           Disadvantages: easy to bruise such as cutting and handling, touch the wallpaper, repair difficulties. After the wallpaper paste three days can not open the window, during this period can not shop floor, will delay the construction period, there is easy wallpaper dirty, broken.
           2. First floor, then wallpaper
           Advantages: Shop floor action, including: handling, construction and so on. It is inevitable to have the dust, the wallpaper is not good to clean.
           Disadvantages: wallpaper, the glue falls on the floor is not good care. At the same time the floor has been installed, the wallpaper side of the poor results.
           Professional practice: first floor, after wallpaper. The reasons are the following:
           1, wallpaper case Yin corner can be closed;
           2, wallpaper will be worn with the old wallpaper, will not get on the floor;
           3, skirting done, to brush a layer of clean oil, wallpaper corrosion damage
           4, shop floor will inevitably encounter the wallpaper, there is not easy to make up for damage;
           5, shop floor master not pay attention, dirty hand touched the wallpaper, affect the appearance;
           6, doing the skirting of the master accidentally cut the wallpaper is also a hidden danger.
           Floor and wallpaper with how to better?
           1. The floor is dark, the wallpaper is warm-based, because the wall needs a large area to use, modern minimalist style, wall painted light color, the floor can not buy too much, the furniture to buy dark. Bedroom door can be a color with furniture or floor.
           2. Black brown color floor or pink or ivory dark color flooring, strong appeal, distinct personality, such as red tone floor, giving a strong feeling, such as the wall with a thick paint color, will appear inconsistent. However, the choice of ivory, and red brown floor to form a sense of unity.
           3. Dark brown floor + cashmere. White walls + dark brown floor, making the floor look very dark. If you choose to open the beige walls, walls and floors closer, the space will be large.

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