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          Wall materials and their choice

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           Wall materials commonly used in latex paint, wallpaper, brick, paint, decorative panels, wall coverings, wall mat and so on.
           1, wallpaper. The wallpaper on the market mainly of plastic wallpaper, its biggest advantage is the color, pattern and texture change infinitely, than the rich paint.
           When buying wallpaper, the main is to select the pattern and color, pay attention to when paving the combination of color patterns, so that the overall style, color and unity.
           2, paint. Home decoration paint commonly used in the following categories:
           (1) low-grade water-soluble paint: common is 106 and 803 paint.
           (2) latex paint: the current state of the common Nippon Paint, points high and low two. High-grade silk was Li (Nippon Paint), imported ICI (Dulux), imported GPM Master paint. This type of paint is characterized by mercerized, silk-like look, generally brushing twice. There are low-grade beauty when the United States, from time to time, etc., such a primer can be directly primed without primer. Libang paint hiding power, soft and lasting color, easy construction can be cleaned. Nippon Paint choice, according to personal favorite, the room lighting, size and other factors to choose.
           (3) Colorful Spray: Colorful Spray is dispersed in water in the form of oil-in-water. Once sprayed, it can be shaped
           Wallcovering (wallpaper): The commonly used non-woven wallcovering and fiberglass wallcoverings.
           Brick: Home decoration, often with ceramic products to decorate the wall, paving the ground, decorative cabinet Wei. Ceramic products, low water absorption, anti-corrosion, anti-aging ability. Variety of tile variety, including glazed tiles, spot glazed tiles, white pattern tiles, Tongti brick.

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