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          Mahogany furniture, you really appreciate it?

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           Mahogany furniture with its practicality, artistic, value-added (hedge) sex, inheritance and environmental protection and other characteristics of more and more people's attention and love. If you also want to buy collection mahogany furniture, you must first learn to appreciate.
           Mahogany does not refer to a specific kind of wood, but refers to some of the color is purple, wood and hard wood. According to national standards, "mahogany" is divided into two families and three genus eight categories thirty-three species. Mahogany refers to the heartwood of these five genus eight types of wood, that is, the center of the tree, no part of the living cells. Other furniture made of wood can not be called mahogany furniture. Today's mahogany, mostly produced in Southeast Asia, Africa, Guangdong, Yunnan, China has cultivated and introduced cultivation. From the following mahogany classification map can be seen that the red sandalwood and incense sticks wood species name at least, there is only one: sandalwood red sandalwood (commonly known as: Indian lobular red sandalwood) and Hongxiang Dalbergia (commonly known as: Hainan yellow Pear), together with the very small stock of these two types of wood, also determine their high prices.
           Sandalwood red sandalwood: sandal in the Sanskrit is the meaning of charity, because of its hard woody, fragrant aroma eternal, colorful and colorful and invincible, immortal, but also evil, it is also known as San Tan. Sandalwood red sandalwood is the scientific name of lobular red sandalwood, also known as chicken blood red sandalwood, only produced in India, mainly in Mysore state, and the remaining types of sandalwood are summarized in the grass rosewood, is currently the most precious wood known, Rosewood is also the most advanced. Indians generally darker, but not pure black as bright as black, but red with purple, black and black eyes. Leaflet red sandalwood is the same, itself is not black. We can use "red purple" to describe the beautiful appearance of lobular red sandalwood. Today, we can verify this from the name of her "red sandalwood".
           Often ten sandalwood nine empty, the largest red sandalwood diameter of only about twenty centimeters, its precious degree can be imagined. Leaflet red sandalwood also has a characteristic, that is, it is very dense and hard, long after exposed to the air, the heartwood bright red or orange, the provisions of the purple and brown, fine texture and appears to be floating, changing, full of fun, and with aromatic. Red sandalwood growth is slow, only 5 years a year round, to 800 years or more to become useful, the hardness of the first wood, the Department said "King of the wood," than the average wood can.
           Fallen yellow sandalwood: Fallen yellow sandalwood belong to the family of papyrus Dalbergia is a tropical arborvitae, also known as: Hainan Huanghua pear, alias: down Xiang Tan, rosewood, pear, Hong, is the main timber of hardwood furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties , Heartwood was brown as well, known as "plants in the panda," "God kissed by the wood," "International Tourism Island charm of a loud business card." Set a number of reputation in Hainan huanghuali, a household name, reputation and reputation of the longevity, often flourishing.
           Ming and Qing Dynasties elegant selection of wood furniture are made of pear, its texture or hidden or present, the color is not quiet noisy, is regarded as superior Jiapin, much the trappings of the Ming and Qing traders, especially the Ming and Qing Dynasties literati, The aesthetic taste of the family furniture makes the Huanghua pear furniture outstanding during this period, both impeccable from the aesthetic point of view of art and ergonomics, can be called the world's furniture art treasures.

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