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          New house furniture selection tips, read you understand

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           Renovation is a hard work, busy after the renovation will have to set up furniture, furniture and people's daily lives are closely related to the quality of furniture affects people's quality of life and health, so we remind you that the best knowledge in advance Reserve, then what kind of furniture selection tips?
           Furniture purchasing tips
           Tip one: check the furniture parts installation is reasonable
           For example, check the lock is not working Ling Ling Ling; cabinet should be equipped with three dark hinges, only two installed on the line; should be three screws too, and some jerry, if only a screw, then use will Off
           Check the furniture parts installation is reasonable
           Tip 2: Pick mirror furniture need to check the back
           When we select the furniture with a mirror class, such as dresser, dressing mirror, dressing mirror, etc., pay attention to take a look at the mirror to see if it will be deformed to go look, check if the back of the mirror mercury liner paper and back Board, no backplane failed, no paper is not OK, otherwise it will wear off the mercury.
           Pick mirror furniture need to check the back
           Trick three: buy a sofa soft bed try to sit
           In the pick sofa, soft bed, you should pay attention to the surface smooth, not rugged; need hard and soft uniform. The method of selection is to take a ride, and then use a handful of shit, look at the uneven, the spring does not ring, if the spring is not properly arranged, will cause the spring bite spring, it will make a sound. Second, we should also pay attention to whether the quilted line break, jumpers, corner tooth density is reasonable.
           Buy a sofa soft bed to try to sit
           Tip four: pay attention to the moisture content of wooden furniture
           Usually the moisture content of furniture shall not exceed 12%, if the moisture content is high, the wood is easy to warp and deform. Now the average consumer to buy, if there is no test equipment, you can take the touch of the hand touch the bottom of the furniture or paint inside there is no place, if you feel the tide, then the moisture content of at least 50% This can not be used at all. Another solution is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted area of ??the wood, and if it gets too slow or not, it shows that the moisture content is high.
           Pay attention to the moisture content of wooden furniture
           Tip five: check the furniture material is reasonable
           Now different furniture, surface materials are different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets legs, generally require hardwood, because more solid, can load-bearing, while the internal materials are available other materials; large wardrobe legs to 2.5 cm in thickness, too thick and clumsy, too thin and easy Bending deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not be used fiberboard, but should use the plywood, because the fiberboard will be expanded with water, damage; table should be washable.
           Check the furniture material is reasonable
           Six tips: children's furniture, choose multiple combinations
           As children grow faster, should not buy fixed or expensive sets of furniture, should be multi-functional or combination of furniture; adjustable furniture can be used from childhood to adolescence, such as lifting bed, can go up as a child, big can Put down; the other best not to safety glass or mirror decoration, so as not to break the wounding.
           Children's furniture choose multiple combinations
           Tip seven: balcony furniture emphasis on material selection
           Wood balcony furniture is the people's first choice, but should choose the higher oil content of wood, such as teak, this wood is to be able to prevent the most timber because of swelling or loose and brittle. If you like metal people, you can choose aluminum or baking and waterproofing alloy balcony furniture, this material can withstand the wind and rain outdoors. Bamboo rattan furniture ease of care, but pay attention to its conservation, after the rain need to wipe clean.

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