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          Wedding room decoration Raiders share

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           Marriage is a lifetime event, marriage, including the size of things, including the decoration of the wedding room is also very important for the newcomers, the most important marriage room or the back of use, so there are some things in the decoration is to be noticed, then Wedding decoration should pay attention to what? Let us understand below.
          Marriage is the couple married in the future to live, so for the new house must not be careless, new house decoration is good, later life will be very happy, that after the wedding we first want to understand the wedding room decoration to pay attention to what, Follow Xiaobian below to understand it.
           Wedding decoration should pay attention to what
           1, make a good budget
           Before the wedding room decoration, we must first make renovation budget, to determine the necessary furniture at home, in addition to the bedroom double bed, wardrobe and sofa in the living room, the kitchen sets of cabinets, other furniture can be based on funding status To arrange. One of the wedding room ground and walls are the most important, to choose a better decorative materials, and less attention to the roof, if the funds are limited, you can simply do the ceiling, but for those who can not be changed, such as hydropower transformation, Once in place, this will reduce future troubles.
           2, pay attention to color
           The traditional wedding room emphasizes the red as the main color of the wedding room, but in the long run, the wedding room can be decorated with some soft decorations, such as a red soft bed, both warm and comfortable, or bedding products can be used Gorgeous red, so that you can express a happy wedding, and warm colors of the living room and dining room to the family to add a warm atmosphere, so the wedding room color or first consider the yellow, red and other warm colors to decorate.
           3, light decoration heavy decoration
           The overall design of the wedding room to reflect the festive atmosphere, this can be achieved through the furniture, furnishings and other soft decoration, decoration in the wedding room to light heavy decoration, so that in the future can also be living at random change, giving people Not the same mood, but also reduce the toxic gas pollution in new homes.
           Wedding room decoration Raiders share
           1, from the basic start
           You can start from the necessities of life, such as beds, pots and pans. Qiannan decoration network recommended not to do the house full of cabinets, furniture is not all fully fixed. Usually this wedding room decoration mode is: the living room sofa facing a large TV cabinet; master bedroom is a wardrobe, bedside tables, bed seats, furniture space to fill, can not be any changes and adjustments within a few years.
           2, leaving room for future changes
           Just married newlyweds are two people, many things have not yet stereotypes, career has just started, the child has not yet born, the economic base is not stable. Once the wedding room decoration, there will be many drawbacks. Because the design concept of home furnishing will change with the growth of age and the increase of knowledgeableness, there will be a great waste in completing the decoration in one go.
           3, furniture can be moved
           There are so many changes in the newly married family, so we advocate marriage room decoration furniture selection can be moved to adapt to various changes. Moving in and out of the house, in exchange for change, feel free to give new feelings, new look.
           4, furniture has a variety of uses
           Wedding room decoration, not only a function of furniture, but also can be a variety of uses, can change with the mood. Such as sofa bed, for no room new home for parents, friends visit to use. Such as children bed, the bottom can pull out a bed for nanny use.
           5, around the theme of procurement furniture
           Changing the marriage room decoration home layout is a cost-effective, convenient design, but there are so many things, where to buy? "Procurement around a theme" is a simple and quick method.

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