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          How to create a five-star hotel-like master bedroom

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           In home design, some people like living room bigger and better, even at the expense of bedroom space. However, in fact, the living room is too empty and estranged sense of feeling, while the bedroom is too small and people feel uncomfortable depressed. In addition, a master bedroom has three major components, the main guard, cloakroom, sleeping area, the three space and how reasonable division?
           After nearly 10 years of home improvement experience, as well as designers rich experience of life experience, come to master the golden ratio of planning: living room and master bedroom area ratio of 6: 4, bedroom area equal to the sum of cloakroom and toilet area.
           One-third of human life spent in sleep, the importance of the bedroom is self-evident. Bedroom is not as big as possible, to be practical as the principle, and bathing is to enjoy the process, the importance of the bathroom and bedroom quite. These are the reasons why five-star hotels have spacious, comfortable bathrooms and large wardrobes.
           1, to create a comfortable and warm bedroom
           Many people say that bedrooms are just places to sleep and do not need to be arranged too complicated. But this sentence only half right, the layout does not require complex but the atmosphere is very important, and soft design and lighting is to create a good atmosphere of the two main points.
           Drawing on the essence of modern Italian minimalist design, for example, in the "Summer Lavender" style series, purple, a symbol of romantic love, is used as the bedroom theme, reminiscent of Provence's romantic lavender fields, and caring for the intimacy of lovers ; And in the "sunrise Phantom" style series, then the low-key restrained khaki, high-gray as the basis for the space color, the sense of sunrise with a slight feeling of orange pink, orange red as a decorative color, with green plants, Light to create a warm atmosphere.
           In the wall decoration, many five-star hotels will choose different styles of wallpaper, wall panels based on the characteristics of its wooden structure, the sound can produce perfect diffuse reflection, effectively buffer the impact of bass, so as to form a perfect space Noise reduction, a substantial increase in sleep quality.
           In the light collocation, spotlights, bedside lamps are essential. In addition, the bedroom is equipped with intelligent lighting system, fitting home needs a key to control the whole house lighting, creating sleep, leisure, cleaning and other different atmosphere.
           2, to give a comfortable sleep mattress
           Experience the whole body with a visual, the first thing to do when staying in a five-star hotel is to lie in bed feeling, a good mattress is to create a five-star bedroom necessary conditions.

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