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          Balcony decoration design what skills

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           Now every household in each house will have a balcony, it is usually the place for people to dry clothes, but the balcony also has many features, mainly to see how the user design and decoration of the balcony, then the design of the balcony decoration techniques, balcony Which decoration should pay attention to what you want, the following article to introduce to you next.
           Balcony decoration design what skills
           1, flexible expansion of space
           If you want to design your own balconies as closed, you can connect the balconies to the interior, which will not only effectively expand the area of ??the interior, but also will not waste the balcony space.
           2, balcony into a recreation area
           If your home balcony area is relatively large, you can transform the balcony into the study, meeting rooms, teahouse and other practical places, so that the balcony into a versatile application space.
           3, leave a green space
           Nowadays, people are usually living and hustle and bustle of downtown. They are usually far away from nature, so many people add a touch of green to their homes. If you like to keep some flowers and plants, you may wish to design a flower fair at the balcony corner to make indoor The air is more fresh and natural.
           4, balcony decoration clever use of brick
           When we decorate the balcony design, the top of the balcony can be used in our traditional building "hanging beam" techniques to produce two red beech "bogie". The balcony wall tiles can be used outside the wall, the ground is best to use the color of more simple Spanish floor tiles, this combination of Chinese and Western, structured design, makes the balcony look more beautiful exception.
           Balcony decoration should pay attention to what
           1, to distinguish between primary and secondary, clear function.
           Now most of the commercial housing will have 2-3 balconies, we are in the decoration of the balcony, you need to distinguish between the main balcony and balcony, a clear function of each balcony, usually with the living room or balcony connected to the main balcony, Usually mainly the main role of leisure and fitness, we also have to renovate the living room or the same master, the balcony is usually connected to the second bedroom, mainly used for laundry storage, decoration can be easier.
           2, pay attention to water and drainage treatment
           Many people place washing machines and faucets on the balconies. Some are dried directly when they wash their clothes. Some people wash vegetables on the balconies. Therefore, users must make the waterproofing and drainage systems on the balconies. If the drains and waterproofing are needed, Improper handling, it will lead to balcony water and leakage.

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