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          Hello, welcome to Dong Guan He Mei Decorate Engineering Co., Ltd. official website!
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           Founded in 2007, the company is a collection of indoor and outdoor design, budget, construction, materials integration in the professional decoration company. The company has innovative design, reasonable price, there are a number of independent professional construction team to ensure that the construction of green, safe and civilized, standardized operations. In the company "down-to-earth, excellence" attitude, adhere to the pragmatic, innovative and humane design ideas, quality, honesty do every project. With advanced design concepts, reasonable budget quotes, high quality full service, in good faith for each customer, tailored brand new, elegant and comfortable home life, cultural space.
           Company decoration All supporting brand main materials are factory direct supply, a large material experience hall, enough to meet the individual needs of each customer, tailor-made overall smart solutions. Supply a strong backing of factories, primary sources, to reduce the intermediate links, the real benefit to the hands of consumers, high cost, the real customer peace of mind, save trouble, save money decoration platform.    
           Business: home decoration, villa decoration, shopping malls decoration, catering hotel decoration, office decoration, plant decoration.
           Materials Exhibition Hall: Hydropower Construction Technology Exhibition Hall, Tile Area, Bathroom Area, Wardrobe, Cabinets, Doors, Appliances, etc.
           Decoration mode: all-inclusive decoration (decoration main material, accessories, labor, management, design, etc.)
           Half pack repair (accessories, labor, management, design and other half package)
           Decorating process: consulting decoration — Onsite measurement — out of the program design and budget — determine the program design and budget — Completion of the acceptance — after-sales service
           Service Management:
           1, free advice, free room, free program design, free out of budget.
           2, construction: implementation of the company unified management project manager full service responsibility system; in strict accordance with the company quality standards for construction, jerry-building shoddy is strictly prohibited shoddy, the company has a clear reward and punishment system.
           3, the company has a number of independent professional construction team
           Our Strengths:
           Help customers peace of mind, effort, time-saving, money-saving decoration service platform, customers do not have to run around decoration to meet the individual needs of customers.
           Our Strengths:
           Unique design concept, affordable price, quality assurance, quality service, out of your life, adorn your taste.
           Our brand promotion, the introduction of a series of discount packages (to sign the shop customers as much as the value of million spree)  
           Offer Main Package:
           Economical and practical 298 yuan / ㎡ (affordable price to create a suitable home)
           Deluxe 398 yuan / ㎡ (perfect for your life, noble your space)
           Perfect Prestige 498 yuan / ㎡ (To enjoy the king distinguished, all in He Mei Decorate)
           Service Hotline:
           Miss Liu: +86-18929184500 (WeChat account)
           Mr. Guo: +86-18929184501 (same as wechat)    
           Phone: +86-0769-85498566
           Add: No.117-123, Hongan road, Honggangtou, Xinan community, Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province (Chengcai primary school opposite) Chang'an Guangshengaosu next to the exit.
           Eight Advantages  
           1, a price - to avoid grinding mouth
           2, zero increase items - budget = settlement
           3, fast duration - save time and effort
           4, super environmental protection - environmental home improvement
           5, cost-effective - cost-effective
           6, enough peace of mind - a package in place
           7, Quotes fast - amazing speed
           8, renderings - free 720 ° panorama
           Four Promises
           1, the quality of substandard free redo
           2, goods are not double the return version of the material
           3, 15 years of exclusive warranty for hydroelectric projects
           4, the budgeted price = the settlement price must not increase plus item
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