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          Room decoration color matching tips to make your home brilliant ten strokes

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           American scholars found that: bright and clear colors can be transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain cells, which is conducive to promoting human mental development. Children who live in harmony are more creative than those in the ordinary environment. So, how to make room decoration color match, we have a study? Xiaobian introduced today under the room decoration color with ten strokes!
           Room decoration color match the first move: bright embellishment
           With the program: the cold used in unexpected places, like the traditional seat purple chair.
           Room decoration color matching second move: bold combination
           With the program: Although the various elements of home at different colors, but have a uniform saturation. Such as the blue walls in the picture, yellow furniture and red cushions, the colors are very pure, eye-catching. Different colors to order with: such as the wall brushed cool, then choose the warmth of furniture and accessories. Dark wood coffee table can suppress the impetuous color, or it will be painted white, creating a rural seaside style.
           Room decoration color matching third strokes: color embellishment
           With the program: Summer suitable for the selection of fresh blue, winter for warm red or orange. Selection of a variety of patterns: the same color tone under the selection of different patterns by the package.
           Room decoration color with the fourth trick: cooking color
           With the program: the best color cabinets to maintain the white tone, to facilitate the future renovation. When you decide to brush only part of the kitchen wall, choose the color that catches the eye. If the dishes are laid open, be careful that their colors are compatible with the walls.
           Room decoration color with the fifth trick: blue bedroom
           With the program: the bedroom suitable for soft, cool colors, but to avoid overcooling too bright colors. It's best to paint the same color on the ceiling. Choose a neutral brown color with the overall blue.
           Room decoration with the sixth strokes color: white partner
           With the program: with white furniture with bright lavender. Do not over-match colors: break monotonous with a few different colors, such as a tender blue decorative headboard or other cool-colored decorations. Use less warm color highlight highlights.
           Room decoration color with the seventh strokes: reflect the color level
           With the program: with a bright white to ease the cold blue. Choose a larger contrast with the color of the wall decorations. If your room is open, then the next best choice of the same color of the different colors as the main color, reflecting the level of flu.
           Room decoration color matching eighth strokes: clever mix
           With the program: Buy a carpet with a strong impact color, such as the map of the personality carpet. Choose one of the main colors of the most decorative ornament. So you want to rearrange the time, just take away the package and accessories can be. DIY art painting. Draw simple lines in two colors on a normal white canvas.
           Room decoration with the ninth trick color: mixed beauty
           With the program: Spend big money to buy some color neutral, high-quality furniture is worth it. Branded your mark: If you like the country style, may wish to choose the plaid cotton curtains and Chinese ceramics as a decoration. Select the smooth lines of furniture, furnishings easily, the pattern of the pattern carpet in the visual play a role in convergence.
           Room decoration color with the tenth trick: cheerful and bright
           With the program: the use of lively colors so dull home environment up. Create eye-catching highlights in pure white space with eye-catching colors. The bright color expansion, than the use of some soft yellow-green interspersed among them.

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