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          How to look good with people to teach you curtains with skills

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           There are many people there is a misunderstanding that the curtains with a very simple, just pick your favorite colors and patterns can be, but the most correct choice is the curtain should be with the overall style of the bedroom match, so as to take a better decorative effect . So today, how to look good with the curtain? Here to give you some recommended skills.
           1, only with the right enough to be able to make the curtains look good, the most important thing is with the overall decoration style match, with the color but also with the hue. Let's take an example. If the interior is warm, and you have a cold curtain, the curtains are undoubtedly out of place. But also makes people feel inexplicable bad, and the color research shows that the color with unreasonable, it will affect the physical and mental development, and the curtain with color focus on harmonious atmosphere, then it will help regulate the body and mind Balance.
           2, in addition to aesthetics need to be emphasized, is the material of the curtains, its choice also has a great impact on the aesthetics of the curtains, but also affect the living environment of occupants, if it is used in the living room, most of the furniture Use cloth, solid wood or leather, we should choose the fabric curtains to match. Bedroom, then the main is warm and comfortable point of view decoration, but also to help occupants to increase the quality of sleep, you can choose lace curtains or gauze curtains, so that the bedroom can be made more rich texture.
           3, the best choice of color and the entire room to take the hue, the curtains should not be too complicated color, generally no more than three colors, otherwise it will give people the feeling of messy, and some will make people irritable psychology.
           4, the purchase of curtains should be based on the size and overall design to match the occupants of interest and character is one of the factors that can be matched, if it is the place where the elderly live, then only need to use calm and elegant curtains to match, If it is a child's bedroom, then the color should be used brightly colored curtains as a hint, it is conducive to cultivating children's personality and hobbies.

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