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          Hello, welcome to Dong Guan He Mei Decorate Engineering Co., Ltd. official website!
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          Our Mission
          Designed for the user with the most warm little home, enhance the happiness experience
          Our Vision Our Vision
          To be a continuous leader in China's industrialized home improvement and become a model for the global happy enterprise family.
          Business Philosophy
          for user
          users are God, but also our god, adhere to the interests of the user first,
          Constantly listen to and deeply understand user needs, continue to give users a surprise,
          Continuously offers unexpected experiences and services to continuously create new user value.
          US Team Our Team
          Core team Young, up, sincere, collaborative
          There is a group of people who carry an Internet startup dream,
          There is a group of people who are down to earth, insisting on doing one thing,
          There is a group of people who dare to struggle, have the courage to play, and have a sunshine mentality,
          There is a group of people who work together and are invincible;
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