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          What to do before buying a house to prepare? Be a smart buyer

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           The house is an indispensable necessity in our life. Buying a house is also a major event in life, especially for those who buy a house for the first time. For the first time people buy a house, what needs to be done before buying a house to do the following Xiaobian to introduce. The company is located in:
           Understand their own purchase needs
           1, buy a house is going to transition, or do not intend to change the house within 5 years, if it is not for 5 years, then the comfort will be on the first place, and taking into account the number of family members in the future.
           2, to know that they buy a house is intended to buy a place near the work location, or to buy from the other half of your place of work near the location, or you and the other half to prepare the middle of the work place to buy a house, so you can buy a house The area is fixed.
           3, ready to buy how big the house, several rooms few hall, do not wait until the show time to say, these should be determined in advance. The company is located in:
           Understand the current purchase policy
           Today, Beijing's purchase policy is very strict, if you want to buy a house, must have the purchase qualifications, or have money can not buy a house; have enough down payment, do not need to pay 70% down and you only 50%.
           Buy in Beijing need to meet the conditions?
          ?、?restrictions on the purchase of the policy after the Beijing family purchase conditions to be met:
          ?、?family-based purchase of two suites;
          ?、?single person can only buy a suite;
          ?、?restriction policy introduced, non-Beijing family can only buy a suite, you need to meet the following conditions:
          ?、?personal name in Beijing no room;
          ?、?Beijing has a valid and valid work permit;
          ?、?in Beijing for 60 consecutive months to pay social security and a tax;
          ?、?foreign families:
           Foreign families buying houses are not affected by the purchase restriction policy. Foreign families who have work-related or reporter-type visas working in the Mainland and without housing can buy a house.
          ?、?Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan families:
           Families from Hong Kong, Maucao, Taiwan and overseas are not affected by the purchase restriction policy. Families in Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan who have no room to work, study and stay in Beijing can buy one set of housing units.
           Tongzhou buy conditions are:
           1, do not have the housing of the city resident households;
           2, already has a set of housing, household registration belongs to Tongzhou District and settled in more than 3 years (inclusive) of the city resident households.
           3, Has a set of housing, nearly 3 years in Tongzhou District, continuous payment of social insurance or personal income tax in other districts and counties of the city resident households.
           4, in the city did not have the housing and nearly 3 years in Tongzhou District, social insurance or personal income tax paid non-permanent residents of the household.
           Note: This and Beijing's already implemented non-Beijing family home purchase in Beijing for 60 consecutive months to pay social security or a tax purchase policy is implemented simultaneously. In other words, non-Beijing nationals who purchase houses in Tongzhou should simultaneously satisfy the requirement of paying 60% of the social insurance or tax in Beijing for 60 consecutive months and paying a continuous three-year social security or taxation fee in Tongzhou.  The company is located in:
           Estimate the ability to buy a house
           Before buying a house, you need to develop a detailed purchase budget, according to their own housing needs, financial strength and market conditions and other factors, to estimate their actual purchasing power, and ultimately determine the price of the house to be purchased. Plan to buy a house and how much time in the middle of decoration, there is not enough time to save money, then you have to set aside part of the renovation of the money. The company is located in:
           Learn some real estate knowledge
           Before you buy a house, you should also know some basic knowledge of real estate, such as the five certificates, greening rate, floor area ratio, property rights, pool area, traffic diversion, matching ladder and other real estate jargon. This knowledge is not complicated, but will help you buy a house. Now the network is very developed, all kinds of information are very easy to find. In the field before the show, first look at the Internet you are ready to purchase the area of ??what real estate. Understand the relevant real estate information online, make some contrast. In addition, you can go to the owner forum to see the netizens on the real estate evaluation forum posts are still relatively fair.
           What to look for on the spot
           1, the price
           Prices are average price, starting price, low price and higher price points, the average price is more a reference, but different buildings, apartment layout and floor, the price is still a certain difference. Which house is optimistic, be sure to ask specific prices.
           2, the property
           The quality of property services related to the future stay of comfort, to ask what the property services. In addition, do not look down on the humble property costs, over time is not a small sum of money. The amount of property costs directly affect your future cost of living.
           3, delivery time
           Whether they can stay on time, check whether they can get the completion of the construction acceptance record, real estate measured technical reports, residential quality guarantee, residential instructions, these are must be aware of.
           4, sales methods
           Sales clerks should be required to explicitly reply whether they are sold on a gross floor area or an under-floor area. The main difference between the two is that the gross floor area includes the pool area and the inner floor area does not include the pool area. At present, many are sold in accordance with the construction area, of course, do not rule out the part is sold in accordance with the area of ??the cover.
           5, parking spaces
           How many parking spaces, parking spaces can be rented for sale or not rent it? Parking fee charges and the ground floor or underground parking spaces, etc., these should be asked clearly. Also need to be clear is the salesperson's reply, promised not as a legal basis for future disputes, all to the purchase contract and the supplementary agreement shall prevail.
           7, floor distance
           The size of the floor spacing related to lighting, privacy is good or bad, the floor space is too small, not only easily lead to poor lighting, privacy is also very poor, at home every move is easy to see across the house, unless the daytime Curtains pulled up.
           8, volume rate
           The lower the floor area ratio, the less houses built on a unit area. The less people live in it, and the lighting on the lower floors will be better. The lower the floor area ratio, the better the living comfort.
           9, apartment layout
           To learn how to understand apartment layout plans, to understand the apartment layout is good or bad. See more, more will find the problem, naturally you can understand. In the meantime, the floor plan can not be overlooked.
           10, the pool
           The same building area of ??100 flat houses, why others set the area is 82 flat, my only 75 level it? So, when buying a small public pool that is definitely the selling point of this house. General public pool is more than 20%, less than 20% have been very few.
           11, construction unit
           This is too important, qualifications directly affect the quality of housing problems, when you know the name of the construction unit will go online to search for keywords, you can go to the owners forum, real estate professional website to check the reputation of the construction unit, as much as possible Check good and bad information about the contractor.
          In addition, go to the sales department should also pay attention to ask whether the five books is complete. Taking into account the submitted to pay all kinds of taxes and fees such as deed tax, property costs, maintenance funds, the hands to stay part of the remaining money, so anxious to pay when the urgent need to panic.
           These are the preparatory work to do before buying a house, it is best to understand clearly before buying, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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