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          Seven kinds of taxes must be paid after buying a house

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           Deed tax
           90 ordinary and below ordinary housing, and the housing belongs to the family's only housing, minus the deed tax levied at the rate of 1%, ordinary housing of 90`144 flat 1.5%, over 3% of 144 flat, non-residential 3%. In general, deed tax will be paid with the first payment, the developer collection. Pay the relevant costs, the developer will issue a formal purchase.
           Stamp duty
           At the time of conclusion of the contract, it will be paid directly, 0.05% of the total amount of the house, generally with the first payment together to facilitate the developers to apply for a unified contract registration and real estate license.
           Bank mortgage fees
           If you manage your mortgage loan, the second set of fees you pay when signing a contract is the bank mortgage fee and the commercial loan charge item. There are subtle differences among banks.
          ?、?mortgage registration fee: 80 yuan / household
          ?、?warrant stamp duty: 5 yuan / household
          ?、?insurance: Insurance premiums = the total amount of money × annual rate × annual coefficient. Pay the insurance once. (The premium rate is roughly: 0.07% for 1-5 years, 0.06% for 6-10 years, 0.055% for 11-15 years, 0.05% for 16-20 years and 0.045% for 20 years)
           Overhaul fund
           Between 2% and 3% of the purchase price is a maintenance fund for public facilities, shared facilities (exterior walls, roofs, sewers, water pipes, etc., which are common parts of the house). The implementation of the charging method is:
          ?、?without elevator: total payment × 2%
          ?、?with lift: total payment × 3%
          ?、?part of the pilot projects by 50 to 60 yuan / m2 charge
           Developers or property companies to the local Housing Authority designated bank account, buyers can deposit their own. In general, home buyers in the key to obtain check-in, the developer will collect the housing maintenance funds.
           Taxes and fees
           Property management fees
           Calculated from the closing day, to buyers acceptance of the housing starts from the date of acceptance. If the developer issued a notice of stay, buyers without proper reason not to repossession, property management fees from the issuance of a notice of residence one month after the start of calculation. General first pay three months.
           Property owner long-term housing or developers have not sold vacant housing should be paid property management fees.
           Ownership registration fee
           80 yuan / set, ownership registration fee is the cost of handling real estate license.
           Transaction Fees
           Residential building area X3 Yuan / ㎡; Non-residential building area X11 Yuan / ㎡
           The above is about the new tax to buy a house to have what. When you buyers understand the name of the various taxes and fees, the proposed buyers understand in advance the five kinds of tax calculation, and then pay these seven kinds of taxes.

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