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          Novice buy a house bear in mind the 8 key words

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           For many people, the house is the largest consumer in life, so be careful when buying a home. Especially for novice home buyers, due to lack of experience is very easy to fall into the trap of buying, and now Xiaobian inventory you must keep in mind the 8 key words to buy!
           Keywords one: property rights
           Home buyers must first figure out the situation of property rights acquired. For property ownership is not clear or property disputes are not settled houses, be careful when buying, novice is best not to get involved.
           Keyword 2: Quality
           Due to lack of experience, many novice homebuyers tend to overwhelm the developers' verbal promises, but lack of fieldwork leads to the difference between housing and expectation after arrival. Therefore, buyers are advised to pay attention to understand the developer's reputation, for the quality and reputation of the project cautious shot.
          Key words three: Lot environment
           Housing location directly affects the buyers convenience of living and housing appreciation potential. Home buyers preferred to choose a high degree of development, convenient transportation, afforestation, living facilities and improve the service area. Of course, if located in the remote, but there is a strong development plan of the district can also choose, such communities tend to have great appreciation of space.
           Key words four: housing conditions
           Housing conditions such as their own orientation, floor, layout, apartment layout, etc., have a significant impact on prices. So novice homebuyers must pay attention to these contents.
           Keyword five: internal facilities
           Although the price is mainly based on area, floor, orientation and location. However, the level of subsidiary settings also directly affect the price, especially for buyers of second-hand housing buyers should pay attention to the following facilities: interior decoration, telephone lines, air-conditioning lines, natural gas pipelines, plumbing and heating pipes.
           Key words six: contract
           Buyers should pay attention to the contract to clearly perform the deadline, liability for breach of contract, breach of contract damages and other content, so as to avoid developers due to funding or other causes of delay in delivery of housing and other issues, reduce unnecessary disputes.
           Key word seven: property
           Home buyers need to carefully review the content and scope of property management, property fees charged to understand the standard, so as to avoid future disputes. Also understand the property management committee, because it can represent the interests of home buyers.
           Key words eight: five cards two books
           Five certificates two developers is an important evidence of legitimate sales of commercial housing, home buyers must be carefully examined before buying a house. Five of them refer to "State-owned Land Use Certificate", "Construction  Land Planning Permit", "Construction Project Planning Permit", "Construction Project Construction Permit" (Construction Project Start-up Permit), "Commercial Housing Sale certificate". Two books refer to "Residential Quality Assurance" and "Residential Instruction Manual."

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