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          Four major points of restaurant decoration design

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           Walking in the streets, we see the most is a variety of restaurants, and they are luxurious or decorated, the atmosphere, or decoration low-key, simple, no matter how the grade of restaurant decoration, the boss's starting point is to meet customer needs, get benefits. So how to decorate the restaurant design business so it? The following small series for everyone to bring some restaurant decoration design renderings, and share with you the design of the restaurant under the main points.
           New home decorating needs to be the first style, restaurant is the same. Before the start of construction, we need to locate the restaurant's decoration style according to the restaurant's target customers. This is because customers of different ages have big differences in the level of consumption and preferences. For the 80s and 90s later, they tend to prefer a more trendy and more personal dining environment, whereas for the 60s and 70s, they are generally successful and have a stable personality, therefore they prefer a quiet and comfortable eating environment.
           Restaurant decoration design renderings - thematic culture
           After we determine the approximate style, the next step is to locate the theme culture based on the actual situation of the restaurant. This link is extremely important, because regardless of the style of decoration, layout of the restaurant, accessories with soft decoration, and even the graphic design of the restaurant are to be built around the core, allowing consumers to enter the restaurant was thick  Attract the theme of culture, and expand the discussion of related topics.
           Everyone in the decoration of the restaurant, but also pay attention to some small details, such as lighting choices and collocation. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of restaurant decorating, lighting in different regions are not the same. These are related to people's sensory experience. In addition the use of the theme restaurant lighting is to go through several aspects of the order. This includes how to match the lights and other soft installed. Specific lighting can be positioned according to their own solved.
           In essence, restaurants belong to the service industry, so when decorating the restaurant, under the premise of ensuring the style, we must take into account the service orientation. Even if the restaurant area is relatively small, it does not matter. You can try to decorate the more comfortable, so that customers can feel the convenience of dining, it can become a higher commercial value of rice pudding, which is the point and characteristics of professional standards.
           In general, every time you eat the peak, there are more guests in the restaurant, which can create administrative difficulties. Therefore, when we decorate the restaurant, the application of professional standards to conduct a comprehensive design and decoration, but also have to consider the key points, is to consider the management of convenience. Style is the grid positioning, and restaurant decoration design reflects the service, is the customer's position, the ultimate management convenience and safety should also be taken into account.

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