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          House simple decoration steps and processes

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           In the decoration of the house, in addition to measuring the area, housing reform, hydropower transformation, pipeline optimization, but also a good budget, so as not to waste. So, what is the simple steps of the house? Here we will introduce in detail: simple steps and procedures for the decoration of the house and 120 square meters of simple decoration how much?
           House simple decoration steps and processes:
           First, a clear decoration area, understand the wall size.
           1, first measure the housing area, including tile area, floor area, paint area, wallpaper area.
           2, measuring the size of the wall.
           Second, a reasonable demolition, clever use of space.
           Demolition mainly include demolition wall, wall, shovel wall, demolition heating and so on, and so on after the demolition, to clean up the trash in time to facilitate the construction.
           In the transformation of hydropower, to determine a good switch, lamps, washbasins, bathtubs, washing machines, once the brick wall, ceiling is very difficult to change the seal.
           Third, optimize the appearance of the pipeline to enhance the decorative effect.
           In the renovation of the bathroom, to be particularly bothered, it is necessary to prevent skidding, but also to keep dry, but also optimize the appearance of the pipe, play a decorative role.
           Fourth, the real ground decoration (tile points).
           Before tiling, to buy a good floor drain, well waterproof, such as hair, in order to paste floor tiles. In the paste floor, to soak, dry, and then do landscaping, so that it is more beautiful.
           Fifth, beautify the rough housing walls, so that the walls up.
           In the brush wall paint, the oil will be brushing wallpaper where the local nitro paint, and other paint dry, you can apply for the master wallpaper, after the paste, within 48 hours do not open the window ventilation, let it dry slowly .
           120 square meters simple decoration how much money:
           First, different grades of decoration costs
           In fact, its price does not have a uniform rule, according to the decoration grade to decide, low-grade simple decoration generally about 60,000 can be, mid-range decoration of 100000 -120000 can be, high-grade decoration You have to more than 150,000, not capped.
           Second, 120 flat-packed all-inclusive renovation budget
           1, living room, restaurant, aisle auxiliary fee, labor costs in 1 million.
           2, balcony waterproofing, the price is about 1,500 yuan.
           3, the master bedroom, second bedroom, children's room in the decoration, in addition to the main bedroom to the ceiling, the other two bedrooms can not ceiling, so the cost of about 7,000 bedroom around.
           4, two simple bathroom waterproof, tile processing, about 5,000 yuan.
           5, the main material of the kitchen, tile processing more, more special attention, the cost is about 3500 yuan.
           6, utilities costs + waste disposal, costs about 13,000 yuan.
           7, the main material costs about 30,000 yuan.

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