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          Home improvement construction process Daquan

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           Owners of first-time buyers often confused decoration where to start, if you do not have knowledge of new home renovation process, then it will be confused, but also spend more money. Home improvement of the construction process is divided into general terms, then there are basic engineering, hydropower projects, masonry works, carpentry works, finishing the project there is the finishing touches of the project, which is more rough sub-law, if you need more specific words There are still bathroom furniture and other construction process, the following Xiaobian for your specific introduction of home improvement construction process what are the main, I hope for your help.
           First, work started before the start of work to be done
           1, percussion wall ground is hollowed out, such as hollowing out the requirements of developers to eradicate redo;
           2, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, terrace closed water experiment, such as leakage to urge developers rectification;
           3, connecting hot and cold water pipes, open the total valve and open the plug one by one to see if the water;
           4, to protect all finished products (such as security doors, video door phones, finished kitchen, gas meters, etc.) protection;
           5, carefully check the strength of the circuit is smooth, floor drain, water is fluent;
           6, carefully check whether the wall beam skew and so on.
           Second, the transformation of the wall technology
           1, first use the cutting machine will need to remove part of the cut and then hit, can not use the sledgehammer, so as not to affect the vibration is not removed to the wall;
           2, the first use of the hammer drill bottom hollowed out and then slowly upward. New dig doorway to add Beam;
           3, can not be hit part: load-bearing walls, concrete walls.
           Third, water production process
           1, hot and cold water pipes buried in the depth of the wall and the wall skin spacing to be 1cm, strictly abide by the left hot right-cold principle;
           2, the outlet must be strictly in accordance with the national standard faucet pitch size layout, inside and outside the wire to distinguish;
           3, no blockage, connect the hot and cold water pressure test pump pressure 0.8mpa above no explosion, run, drip, leak. Can not be sealed without pressure test
           4, after the tile shop, hot and cold water can not bend the elbow brick surface;
           5, after the water pressure test, open the total valve and open the plug one by one to see if the connector is blocked;
           6, Draw the exact water pipeline to the owner to save (preferably according to the construction part of the photo save).
           Fourth, electricity production process
           1, Guiji air conditioning to go 4 square separate circuit, kitchen, bathroom, take a separate 4 square circuit, a 2.5 square circuit lighting, common outlet to take 1-2 2.5 square circuit, do not use 1.5 square wire;
           2, the strength of the electrical separation of more than 30cm, strong power and heating pipe (film), hot water pipe, the distance between the gas pipe to be greater than 30cm;
           3, the same room power, telephone, television and other outlets to the same level elevation (except for special circumstances), strictly abide by the principle of left zero right fire ground, the best use of the grounding line GB green yellow line;
           4, into the box with a tube lock protection, wiring box laying to be smooth, without elbows, bend at the bend or spring bend to take over the place to use pvc glue welding. Strictly follow the first principle of threading after the first buried pipe, the top can not be buried place to wear Fangla tube protection, non-buried wire, ceiling wire to be fixed;
           5, weak can not have connector (TV line to use frequency divider), cable is forbidden connector;
           6, bright tube to be for the protection of the power tube, 3 sets of wire into the same with a separate box to set up a cross-box. Hanging lights have to place the place where the cable box
           7, the circuit construction is completed, the use of light bulbs on all outlets, lamp test whether the power, strength and strength must be carefully tested, and drawing is live, without testing prohibited to the next process;
           8, after acceptance, to draw the exact circuit to the owner to save (best to save the photo).
           Five, waterproof moisture production process
           1, the wall needs to be waterproofing place for cleaning;
           2, the floor brushing waterproof paint twice closely, there are places to sewer pipe rolled up 20cm;
           3, dry two days after the sewer and floor drain block tight, put 5-8cm deep water for 48 hours of closed water experiment to ensure that there is no leakage of upstairs downstairs can be paved tiles, closed water experiment is no shop is strictly prohibited Brick;}
           4, wall brush moisture coating again, the best height of 1.5 - 1.8m or more, brushing should be tight;
           5, doors and windows cover and wood products against the wall at the moisture-proof treatment to prevent mildew in case of moisture occurs black, the production will be evenly tung oil brushing on the wood by the wall and the ground

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