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          Rough housing room decoration order how to pretend to save more time and effort

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           For white home decoration, home improvement is a very troublesome thing, not only to determine the home improvement style, calculate the budget, but also know the order of home improvement, so as to play a multiplier effect, then, rough room decoration order is What about? Here we will introduce in detail: Rough housing renovation order and how to install more rough housing time and energy saving?
           Rough room decoration order:
           1, the amount of room
           Whether it is blank or existing room, must be measured before the renovation room, especially the rough room must pay attention to the accuracy of the data, because it relates to the future pattern of home improvement and decoration offer,
           2, demolition reform
           Rough housing demolition is relatively simple, but before the signing of the contract with the decoration company to find out whether it includes the addition of shoveling wall to avoid the time to produce additional items. After the demolition is completed, you can let the cabinet manufacturers door size.
           3, hydropower transformation
           In the transformation of hydropower to be bothered not only in the slot when the socket reserved for wiring, but also pay attention to the transformation of strength and weakness, because the strong electricity related to the home appliances and lighting, weak electricity related to mobile phones, computers and other equipment The display. After the completion of the circuit reform, you can start to do waterproof, and other waterproof material dry, to do closed water test to test its water resistance.
           4, package legislation
           Home pipes are to be wrapped, it is recommended to use a red brick stable.
           5, wall tiles, floor tiles
           After entering the tile, we must first do the wall tiles, tiles do again, so convenient access to construction materials. In addition, before the tile to be soaked, so do not appear from the Alice, hollowing and so on.
           6, wall decoration
           Carpentry and painter at the same time the construction, but brushing paint can not brush too much, too thick, brush up to 5,6 layers, so as not to crack paint, affecting the home improvement effect.
           7, socket installation
           When installing the socket, to be as good as possible. In addition, the kitchen commonly used socket with the best switch, rice cooker, microwave oven, bathroom outlet with a waterproof cover.
           8, kitchen and toilet installation
           In the installation of kitchen ceiling, the cabinets, hoods, sink can also be installed at the same time, but when installed, the flue hood flue must not be too long, to avoid flue blockage, back to taste.
           9, floor pavement
           In the laying of the floor, the wall first leveling, or stepping will have a sound. In addition, when laying a certain gap to be reserved to avoid wood affected by climate expansion and contraction, such as the phenomenon of Qi Qiao.
           10, wallpaper
           In the wallpaper to use glue and other materials, and the glue in the high formaldehyde content, and not easy to volatilize, therefore, can not immediately stay to be placed for some time. In addition, just close the wallpaper can not open the window, so wallpaper quickly dry and wrinkled.
           11, first cleaning, furniture and then enter
           When all the above steps are completed, clean it first, then the furniture is coming in. After all the furniture and other cleaning into the house again, the way to be an indoor pollution test, and other harmful gases such as formaldehyde volatilized out after stay.

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