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          Paving ceramic floor tiles basic process

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           Paving ceramic floor tiles basic process
           1, paving colored glazed tiles:
           Handling the grassroots → bomb line → wet tile tiling → paving cement mortar → install standard blocks → paving the floor tiles → → → cleaning cleaning → conservation.
           2, paving ceramic mosaic tiles (mosaic) categories:
           Dealing with the grassroots → bomb line, standard tendons → paving cement mortar → paving → patting → sprinkling, exposing paper → dial, filling → cleaning → conservation.
           Paving ceramic tile construction points
           1, the concrete floor should be cutting the grass-roots, cutting hair depth of 5 to 10 mm, chiseling hair spacing of about 30 millimeters. After that, clean the floating ash, mortar, grease, scattered water brush less general ground.
           2, paving the front should be a good line, pop-up at the ground with the doorway at right angles to the baseline, the bomb line should be from the door to ensure that the entrance for the whole brick, non-whole brick placed under the corner of the house or furniture, Vertical and horizontal positioning control line pops up.
           3, paving ceramic tiles before, should be soaked in ceramic floor tiles dry.
           4, when paving, cement mortar should be full to the back of the ceramic tiles, paving with rubber 棰 knock down. At the same time, check and correct with a level ruler, wipe the surface of the cement mortar.
           5, paving after 2 to 3 hours, with white cement caulking, cement, sand = 1: 1 (volume ratio) of the cement mortar, the seam to fill dense, smooth and smooth. Then use cotton to wipe the surface.
           6, Matters needing attention.
           (1) The grass-roots level must handle qualified, without floating earth, floating ash.
           (2) ceramic floor tiles must be soaked dry. By the impact of its coagulation hardening, the occurrence of hollowing, shell and other issues.
           (3) paving is completed, 2 to 3 hours not to attend. Ceramic mosaic tiles.
           Third, the construction points
           Primary treatment should be clean, rugged and must first chisel and repair, primary should be clean, can not have mortar, especially gray mortar ash, grease, etc., and wet the ground with water.
           Paving stones, porcelain tiles must be placed standard blocks, standard blocks should be placed at the intersection of Cross, diagonal installation.
           Paving operation to each line in turn, the stone must be soaked in moisture, after the dry clean the back.
           Stone, ceramic tile floor pavement maintenance is very important, must be sprinkled water conservation 24 hours after installation, after the drape towel cover sawing conservation.
           Fourth, matters needing attention
           (1) Precast the plate before the trial fight, on the flowers, color, number, in order to paved the ground color consistent.
           (2) stone must be soaked in water. So as not to affect its condensation hardening, the occurrence of hollowing, shell and other issues.
           (3) paving is completed, 2 to 3 days shall not attend.

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