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          More than a decade old house renovate ten key elements of how to renovate the old house

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           Today, soaring house prices, to buy a second-hand house renovation can save a lot of money, there are many homeowners in order to improve the quality of life, choose to transform the old house. Well, more than ten years old house how to decorate? But after all, the condition of the old house after all better than new homes, the renovation process need to pay attention to the details of the problem is very much, so this time for everyone to organize more than a decade old house how Renovation of the relevant knowledge, so that you want to renovate the owner of the house, you can quickly find the clue to make major changes.
           Point one: basic engineering and budget
           Renovation of the old complex project, the need to integrate housing conditions and carrying capacity, to refurbish. Compared with the new home renovation budget, there is a terrible difference. The old house project, basic engineering can not be saved, depending on their housing conditions and decoration projects, a Ping budget of about 5 to 10 million.
           Point two: remove the wall and leaking
           Refurbishment process, it is recommended to knock on the wall, in addition to increase the cost and the amount of work, the removal of the wall also need to repair tiles, wall finishing and garbage disposal. In addition, the renovation of existing homes need to examine the problem of leakage, once found leaking, we must completely solve.
           Three points: the pattern change is too large
           Usually according to the current situation planning pattern, the proposed pattern of change not too large, especially the kitchen and toilet. In addition to considering the construction of the difficulty, such as the drainage line did not do well, easily lead to leakage problems.
           Point four: replacement of water and electricity lines
           Wires, such as: wires, signal lines, heavy equipment to re-piping and finishing, while pre-hidden, taking into account the appearance and safety. Water pipes have been used for many years of aging, taking advantage of renovation and replacement, to extend the service life.
           Five points: the power supply problems should pay attention
           Increase in household electricity, the original line can not meet the demand, in order to be on the safe side, power distribution to meet the demand, so as to avoid danger.
           Point six: ceiling and floor
           Bahrain space should be concise, messy lines hidden in the ceiling, renovation do not think about the need for electrical equipment, pre-planned to make the interior space clean and fresh. The floor tiles, selected wear resistance; In addition, you can also raise the floor, increase storage space.
           Seven points: replace the security door
           Security door guarding a barrier to security, we must replace the security door security, choose a guaranteed door. Let the renovation of the old room into a safe, warm place to live.
           Point eight: balcony extrapolation
           Many owners in the home improvement, in order to strive for more space, the use of extrapolated balcony, which not only increased costs, but also against the building. In fact, making good use of the balcony landscaping can beautify the living environment and bring casual feeling to the interior.
           Nine points: decoration process familiar
           To inform the needs of life, and the owner should be familiar with the renovation process. In the decoration, the construction sequence is first dismantled, and then with a good pipeline, brick wall, with wood for construction, the ceiling with a good pipeline, and finally do landscaping works. Easily dirty or damaged parts, left to do in the end.
           Ten points: the old house decoration season
           Autumn decoration, dry climate, common wall cracks, cracked timber and other issues, taking into account the old house can not stand the toss, if you can not avoid, you should think about a good response. In addition, the floor to consider thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, pay attention to stay expansion joints, the floor will not tilt.
           Edit Summary: The above is more than a decade old house renovation of the old house how to renovate the top ten points of knowledge, in summary, the old house costly effort fee decoration fee.   According to the general calculation of new house costs a lot higher than the decoration. Of course, in order to make the old room a new look, these hard or worth it.

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