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          Decoration company decoration process allows you to decoration without worry

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           For newly recruited novice. For renovation confused, I do not know where to start, in fact, the process of decoration is very tedious, a lot of detail needs attention. Many people will consider looking for decoration company to operate, but worried about their own do not understand being cheated, Xiao Bian today we take a look at the decorating company decoration process is like? This will allow you to have a pre-renovation understanding.
           Decoration company decoration process:
           1, pre-design
           In the pre-design, the decoration company will arrange the designer to the owner's house on-site measurement, the designer after communication with the owners, combined with the owners preferences, tailored to the needs of the general amount of room 3-5 days will be given the corresponding The budget quotations and programs. If there is no problem, you can sign the contract.
           2, wall demolition
           If the owner's house needs to be involved in the demolition of the main body, then this is the first step renovation construction, including the demolition of walls, walls and so on.
           3, hydropower construction
           Demolition of the main body came to the stage of hydropower, and hydropower to do before the measurement of the size of the cabinet will be pre-reserved good location of hydropower. Water and electricity well, the bathroom area and balcony area waterproofing project will begin.
           4, masonry process
           Next is the mason addition to the section, carpentry, mason and oil workers are interspersed. General decoration company is to see which type of work have time to do that project first, but if the workers can arrange the case, the ceiling material can be done first ceiling, tile can be affixed to the tile, but also to install the door stone, marble ledge , As well as floor drain, etc., carpentry will be responsible for the installation of doors and windows sets and furniture production.
           5, paint project
           The main part of the paint is to paint the wall, (including furniture made of woodworking should also be painted) wall paint must first approved putty leveling, and then paint latex paint. If it is related to the color, it is recommended to pay attention to the color, do not have color.
           6, finished product installation
           After the paint nearly finished the final decoration, then the finished product is installed, such as switch socket installation, lighting installation, curtain rod installation.
           7, pioneering cleaning
           After the finished product is installed to the stage of cleaning and sanitation, pioneering cleaning advised not to have furniture at home and unnecessary appliances, curtains are not installed, so as to make cleaning more thoroughly.

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