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          The most complete decoration process - to look over the owners to decorate!

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           Many people buy the house, in the face of the first renovation of the house puzzled, today introduced to you all the renovation process, so that after you finish reading it.
           First, the first solution
           Overall grasp the decoration of the process began to decorate the best, after all, the decoration of the house is a systematic project. When you get the key to a new house as an owner, you need to determine what kind of living facilities you need according to the structure of the house and the general layout of the space. These hearts must have a number. With such planning and planning, To find more professional designers, to make a good program, basically the pre-decoration you can get a relatively good improvement. One of the things we had to do in our early design was to make a detailed measurement of our room.
           The main contents of measurement include:
           1. Clear the area covered by the decoration process. Especially tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area.
           2. clear the main wall size. Especially in the future need to design the size of the furniture placed on the wall.
           Second, the approach to prepare
           Prepare the image of the project materials: the arrival of documents: construction permits, plate; secretary tools: pens, notebooks; door tools: door sets, scissors, transparent plastic; measuring positioning tools: level, tape measure, chalk; Site layout tools: Image cards, ruler cards, hammers, line cards, nails, etc .; sanitary appliances: brooms, shovels, garbage bags; festive tools: firecrackers and so on.
           Third, the main reform
           Into the construction phase, the main dismantling is the first on a project, including the demolition of the wall, wall, shovel wall, plastic steel windows and so on. The main body of reform and put it plainly, is the first frame of the site to build up.
           Fourth, hydropower transformation
           The most important point in the process of decoration is hydropower project, because this will not only be related to the convenience and practical life in the future, more importantly, hydropower is directly related to the family's safe living environment, so the decoration must be based on the decoration program Electrical appliances placed in place and the need for water to do a good job of hydropower accommodation, so life more convenient and comfortable. And we must also strictly supervise the quality of hydropower projects and some related problems of hidden dangers, and find early solutions to ensure life's livelihood.
           Fifth, the package legislation
           Package stand pipe is the term home improvement, that is, at home decoration, the sewer pipe and water pipe riser packaging materials used to decorate, mainly in the bathroom and kitchen common, play decoration, make decoration more beautiful role.
           Six, carpentry
           Woodworking, bricklayer, oilman is the construction of the "three brothers", the basic order of appearance is: wood - tile - oil. The basic playing principle is - who dirty first.
           Bricklayer usually works in 7 ~ 30 days (floating large, some need to spend a long period of parquet ramp), woodworking parts are now doing less, the general duration of 7 to 20 days.
           Seven, brick tile workers
           Decoration ceramic tile is one of the essential building materials, living room floor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other spaces often have to use it. Tile paving is an important process in masonry works.
           Eight, oil workers brush wall finish
           Note: Any carpentry, even if only to do Pass, be sure to follow this step, Daxin Shen bottom, veneer veneer, and then to paint.

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