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          Tooling and home improvement differences

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           Now the interior design profession is very hot, "tooling" and "home improvement" have become the people's high frequency vocabulary, but many people actually do not know tooling and home improvement in the end what is the difference.  Some people think that interior design is divided into tooling design and home improvement design in two directions, in fact, this argument is not very accurate, because the tooling then also related to the outdoor part of the interior design for the tooling and home improvement also have to Learning, so the relationship between the three very close, but there is a big difference between each other.
           1, the object is different
           Tooling object generally refers to the decoration of public places, such as shopping malls, office buildings and the like; and home improvement generally refers to the home decoration.
           2, different sizes
           In the above description we can easily understand, in general the size of the tooling relative to the home improvement is relatively large, but this can not be absolutely the size of the tooling must be larger than the home improvement, not all tooling are large-scale All the home improvement is small-scale.
           3, the design point of view is different
           Tooling design is generally designed for the majority of people, so in modeling, material selection, and color more rational, and therefore more limited; and home improvement it is for head of household needs and hobbies to the more personalized design, the relative A lot of flexibility in the tooling.
           4, different rigor
           As the tooling works are generally larger, but also for the majority of the design, so more rigorous, a variety of documents, such as business licenses, certificates, contracts, construction permits and other readily available, and home improvement is more casual Some, sometimes customers require the relevant documents to provide, but most of the time the customer will not be strictly required.

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