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          Inn design and decoration guide

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           The emergence of social diversity makes the hotel industry has a lot of room for development, in the past few years Inn has become the darling of the hotel industry received the majority of passengers. However, in the interior design of the hotel decoration industry, the design of the hotel decoration has not been able to keep up with the development of the hotel. Most of the similar design concepts in hotel decoration are relatively lagging behind. The functional design is perfect and the artistic understanding still needs to be developed.
           At present, the hotel decoration industry colleagues are embarrassed, despite trying every means, but not always effective. Analysis of the reasons, nothing less than product features, outdated facilities, such as aging people. In the past, there was a misunderstanding that product innovation mainly refers to service and processing product innovation. In fact, under the condition of increasingly mature service and processed products and socialization, the innovation of equipment and facilities and decoration and decorating are the most innovative innovations in market elasticity. Including services, processed products, projects, equipment and facilities and decoration. Some of our hotel facilities and decorative decoration for many years consistent system, or even more than 10 years old face, how that business will be able to get better yet. Hotel facilities and decoration of the hotel should be common, especially decoration should be re-transformed once in about five years. In fact, many of our Inn for decoration renovation in the entire product innovation in the basic position is not fully understood. There are two problems manifested, one is common to thousands of people, and the other is that they can not afford to rebuild without breaking. In the entire decoration for the store decoration awareness is the weakest.
           The use of color, light shape to make beautiful hotel is very beautiful and moving is very important. Bright can give people pleasure, good feeling, silent call; memorable people yearning, people can not bear to leave. An outstanding quick hotel can even give the enthusiasm to spend and become a city sights. Of course, if our hotel building can be the Peugeot building in your city, of course, it is the best. However, most of our hotel can not do this.How to give guests a beautiful and memorable first glance, that is exactly the same outlet store decoration. In the case of the storefront is not spacious, people's perspective is not easy to observe the high-level part of the store, so 15 meters below the store decoration is the key. Not only look good during the day, but also look good at night. In general, it is the peak time for guests to spend at night. Good looking mainly during the day is to see color and shape, while the night is mainly look good light look lights. Of course, after this beautiful first glance, there must be support for the rest of the Express Hotel product. Otherwise, it will be jade, defeat them, played the opposite effect.
           Inn design is different from office design is completely interior design. A fast hotel business is good or bad, and has a direct relationship with the design, a good design is one of the most effective, most lasting, the cheapest ads.  What is a good design? Is gentle and elegant, or magnificent; is warm and romantic, or enchanting and touching, it depends on the hotel where the market and market positioning to decide.

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