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          Internet cafe decoration matters needing attention

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           Although young people are now own notebooks, but the use of notebooks to play games is not much pleasure, so many young people are still preferring to play games are more like Internet cafes. The quality of Internet cafes is actually the key to determining the viability of Internet cafes, Internet cafes to create a quality environment must pay attention to Internet cafes decoration, then the design knowledge of Internet cafes decides the decoration of the quality and effectiveness of the key, the following is a Said that the design must grasp the precautions are what.
           Style is the first element
           In the design of Internet cafes, we need to consider a problem, that is, style! We started the design decoration, we need to design a unified style of the facade, the bar and the wallpaper color and so on. Only a unified style will deepen the consumer's first impression, when going to Internet cafes, will take into account here, so Internet cafes decoration style has become the first element.
          When the Internet cafe renovation, the rational use of space, minimize unnecessary waste of space, Internet cafes decoration style is too gorgeous will waste land use area. Therefore, we have to plan the layout of the Internet to be careful, a reasonable use of land, the housing area will be fully utilized.
           Internet cafes decoration line arrangements
           Internet cafes decoration design, the line to become a lot of designers to study the problem, the line to include a lot of things, we must first consider the safety of Internet cafes, followed by these wires and cables will not affect the beauty of Internet cafes. Both of these issues need to be dealt with, so the line needs security in addition to covertness. If there is no way to hide some of the lines, in the design of the need for some landscaping, reducing its influence.
           Pay attention to the hierarchy
           The area of ??Internet cafes is a bit large and some are very small. Even a small space can create a very high-end space effect if you can pay attention to the level of division. Internet cafes decoration design is the need to properly install computer hardware, such as broadband and routers, only these levels are clearly divided, methodical, so that we can make cyber cafe clean and orderly space.
           Pay attention to the use of color
           I believe we are very disgusted with the dark Internet cafes in those spaces because the computer screen inside the Internet cafes is very strong. Sitting in the cafes for a long time will make eyesight drop and the eyes uncomfortable.  Therefore, such Internet cafes are often not very good business. Internet cafes choose to choose the color to choose cool colors, such as white, beige, etc., to protect the eyesight more beautiful.
           Pay attention to fire engineering
           Large cafes can accommodate hundreds of people, the safety of these people's lives depends on the quality of fire engineering in Internet cafes. Internet cafes for a long time electricity, aging wires is easy to get angry, there are many young people like to smoke Internet cafes, but also easily lead to fire, so we must find a professional fire engineering company to design, in order to ensure the safety of property and Internet cafes Internet users life and safety.

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